Confirmation Make-up Work

The materials below are brief summaries of what we have talked about each week during Confirmation this year. Students who are absent on a Wednesday night are expected to read through the materials for that night, write answers to all questions, and turn in the paper with those written responses.

2017-2018 – Please contact Kira with Confirmation Make up options.

2016-2017 School Year – This year we will be following “Echo the Story”. Each student has a workbook in their classrooms that will be completed throughout the year. If your child misses an evening, have your child read the scripture that correlates to the date they were gone and complete one of the activities in the workbook for that night. The student will then show their teacher that the work has been made up and the student will be given credit for the night. Below is the PDF of what readings goes with what lesson and date. Please let Kira know if you have any questions.