Stepping Stones Ministry

When your child was baptized you made promises as a family and we made promises as a congregation of faith. Those promises included ways to support and pray for your child and your family. The Stepping Stones Ministry at Our Savior’s is our fulfillment to those promises. We provide learning and faith development for the many stages of your child’s life. Each Stepping Stone engages your child in their growth and development and provides resources for your family of faith. Watch for specific dates in August.

Age 1: Trust

Families will spend time talking about their relationship with one another and God. 

Age 2: Explore

Families will spend time around the Noah’s Nook and discover more about the church and their childrens’ value within our church. 

Age 3: Wonder

Families will spend time in the Sanctuary and learn more about worship. Students will receive their first Bible. 

Age 4: Imagine

Families will begin talking about prayer and the way God is present in their lives.

Kindergarten: Belong

Families will talk about kids beginning kindergarten and the fact that God is always with them. 

First Grade: Give

Families will talk about money.

Second Grade: Connect

Families will talk about prayer.

Third Grade: Learn

Families will learn more about Scripture and receive a Bible. 

Fourth Grade: Reflect

Families will learn about the sacraments and focus on Holy Communion.

Fifth Grade: Experience

Families will talk about the development of bodies and the gift of God’s gift of relationships.

Below is a link to the 2017-2018 Calendar of Stepping Stone Classes and Presentations in Worship. Mark your calendars!

2017-2018 Schedule

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