Ministry at Our Savior’s begins with worship, when we gather together in order to hear the Word of God and grow in our relationship with Jesus.  Worship at Our Savior’s is a celebration. It is the center of life together as God’s people. Through Word and Sacrament, songs, hymns and practical relevant messages from the pulpit, we receive reassurance of God’s love in our lives. We encourage people to worship at Our Savior’s on a regular basis. Your presence at worship is a gift you provide to all the others who worship.

Small Groups

Our Savior’s is a large congregation.  We worship over 500 people on average each week.  In order to minister to one another and grow in faith small groups are essential to who we are at Our Savior’s.  In small groups we study the word of God, celebrate fellowship, serve the community and one another.

Children and Youth Ministry

We are dedicated to helping our young people grow in faith.  Kira Anderson is our Director of Faith Formation and Megan Stahl is our Children’s and Youth Coordinator.  We have year-round activities for children and youth to be a part of.  Mission trips, Christmas plays, retreats and much more are components of our children and youth programs.

Family Ministry

We believe that in order to raise kids in the faith we need to empower parents to be the first teachers of the faith to their kids.  Parents are primary influence on their children in most areas of their lives including faith.   Our stepping stone ministry also unites parents and children in learning and sharing together in important faith-full events in the church.

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